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Just call me Jill...
everybody else does
15th-Jan-2010 12:15 pm - resolution
niji elizabeth

Thanks for all the support guys!

Spoke with the boss and we are now on the same page. There is not enough money in the business to give anyone a pay rise, but we are implementing new marketing this year in the hopes of changing that.
So what this means is, if there is not enough new business by June and it doesn't look like it will improve, then my boss will be looking to sell the business.
We'll be given plenty of notice to search for news jobs or stay on with the new owners so no prob there.
BUT if it all goes well and we do pick up, then there is the chance for me to get a substantial pay rise *cross fingers*

I feel a lot more at peace than I did the other day, so I'm glad there is a resolution for now.

13th-Jan-2010 08:06 pm - Wangst

Everyone at work was told by the boss on Monday that there would be no pay rises this year, but there was a chance of a bonus at the end of the year based on performance......



I work the equivalent of 3 peoples jobs and earn $21/hour DX I have 6 years industry experience, am over-worked/under paid and now I get told this???!

Going to request a meeting with the boss on Friday so I can demand a pay rise otherwise I'm leaving.
We are only a very small company, and my boss cannot afford to lose me. I went away for a month on holidays and the place fell to ruin.
I know that she realises how important I am there, so I think if I speak up about my unhappiness she'll do something about it.

Wish me luck ;___;

21st-Dec-2009 08:52 pm - Screw you Twitter!
I just wanna socialise, lemme on your server biatch!
16th-Jul-2009 12:29 pm - Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Silver <3
Hope you have a great day, looking forward to seeing you on Sunday and hearing all about your trip ^^
5th-Jul-2009 10:46 pm - Attention Cosplayers!!
I have some extra material left over from my last costume for sale.

6m of Black Organza $8/m
2m of Black Satin Back Crepe $12/m

Please let me know here or on email if you're interested <3
16th-Jun-2009 02:40 pm - Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday miyukiko 
Hope you have an awesome day today <3<3<3
11th-Jun-2009 04:49 pm - Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday projectluke 
hope you had a great day today <3
24th-May-2009 09:13 pm - Happy Birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday Clare!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you had an awesome day and I can't wait to see you next Saturday <333333
30th-Apr-2009 03:42 pm - got nothing to do except work DX

Currently at work and trying to pump out design after design of template business cards...
it's so destructive because it drains all my creative energy.

Seriously wanna ditch Japanese class tonight and go see Wolverine instead XD

I think my ipod is playing up too... the music keeps cutting out but I don't think it's a problem with the earphones (which would seem obvious)

The rain started all of a sudden here too, which is really strange DX

Have cut out all materials for Edgar and just need to sew together on friday night.
Was easy cos I got to use my Cas!Suzaku jacket pattern XD for the coat, but hopefully I don't have to mod my crappy vest pattern too much, bit hard making it from scratch when I don't have any clothes to reference from.
Should be finished this weekend if the house isn't too much of a mess (kitchen and tiles are getting ripped out = have to help move stuff and clean = no time to sew)

I am taking advantage of not being able to sleep to pattern my costumes so that's a plus!
Guess my only time to do cosplay is now in the evenings. I'm squeezing it into every free moment I have!!!

I am so rambling on with crap so I'm leaving now :(
24th-Apr-2009 10:38 am - Rage Day
Today is Rage Day.

All in preparation for Monthly Women's Day.

Yesterday was Pain Day.

....Extreme Rage Day....

Feed me chocolate and I should be ok.
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